A Report to ARPA on Twenty-First Century Intelligent Systems

Barbara Grosz, Randall Davis


This report stems from an April 1994 meeting, organized by AAAI at the suggestion of Steve Cross and Gio Wiederhold.1 The purpose of the meeting was to assist ARPA in defining an agenda for foundational AI research. Prior to the meeting, the fellows and officers of AAAI, as well as the report committee members, were asked to recommend areas in which major research thrusts could yield significant scientific gain -- with high potential impact on DOD applications -- over the next ten years. At the meeting, these suggestions and their relevance to current national needs and challenges in computing were discussed and debated. An initial draft of this report was circulated to the fellows and officers. The final report has benefited greatly from their comments and from textual revisions contributed by Joseph Halpern, Fernando Pereira, and Dana Nau.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v15i3.1097

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