AAAI 1994 Spring Symposium Series Reports

  • William Woods
  • Sendar Uckun
  • Isaac Kohane
  • Joseph Bates
  • Ingemar Hulthage
  • Les Gasser
  • Steve Hanks
  • Maria Gini
  • Ashwin Ram
  • Marie desJardins
  • Peter Johnson
  • Oren Etzioni
  • David Coombs
  • Steven Whitehead


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) held its 1994 Spring Symposium Series on 19-23 March at Stanford University, Stanford, California. This article contains summaries of 10 of the 11 symposia that were conducted: Applications of Computer Vision in Medical Image Processing; AI in Medicine: Interpreting Clinical Data; Believable Agents; Computational Organization Design; Decision-Theoretic Planning; Detecting and Resolving Errors in Manufacturing Systems; Goal-Driven Learning; Intelligent Multimedia, Multimodal Systems; Software Agents; and Toward Physical Interaction and Manipulation. Papers of most of the symposia are available as technical reports from AAAI.
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Woods, W., Uckun, S., Kohane, I., Bates, J., Hulthage, I., Gasser, L., Hanks, S., Gini, M., Ram, A., desJardins, M., Johnson, P., Etzioni, O., Coombs, D., & Whitehead, S. (1994). AAAI 1994 Spring Symposium Series Reports. AI Magazine, 15(3), 22.
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