Applying Case-Based Reasoning to Manufacturing

  • David Hinkle
  • Christopher Toomey


CLAVIER is a case-based reasoning (CBR) system that assists in determining efficient loads of composite material parts to be cured in an autoclave. CLAVIER's central purpose is to find the most appropriate groupings and configurations of parts (or loads) to maximize autoclave throughput yet ensure that parts are properly cured. CLAVIER uses CBR to match a list of parts that need to be cured against a library of previously successful loads and suggest the most appropriate next load. clavier also uses a heuristic scheduler to generate a sequence of loads that best meets production goals and satisfies operational constraints. The system is being used daily on the shop floor and has virtually eliminated the production of low-quality parts that must be scrapped, saving thousands of dollars each month. As one of the first fielded CBR systems, CLAVIER demonstrates that CBR is a practical technology that can be used successfully in domains where more traditional approaches are difficult to apply.