Programming CHIP for the IJCAI-95 Robot Competition

  • R. James Firby
  • Peter N. Prokopowicz
  • Michael J. Swain
  • Roger E. Kahn
  • David Franklin


The University of Chicago's robot, CHIP, is part of the Animate Agent Project, aimed at understanding the software architecture and knowledge representations needed to build a general-purpose robotic assistant. CHIP's strategy for the Office Cleanup event of the 1995 Robot Competition and Exhibition was to scan an entire area systematically and, as collectible objects were identified, pick them up and deposit them in the nearest appropriate receptacle. This article describes CHIP and its various systems and the ways in which these elements combined to produce an effective entry to the robot competition.
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Firby, R. J., Prokopowicz, P. N., Swain, M. J., Kahn, R. E., & Franklin, D. (1996). Programming CHIP for the IJCAI-95 Robot Competition. AI Magazine, 17(1), 71.