The 1995 Fall Symposia Series

  • David Cohn
  • David Lewis
  • David W. Aha
  • Robin Burke
  • Rohini K. Srihari
  • Ian Horswill
  • Sasa Buvac
  • Eric V. Siegel
  • Michael Fehling


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) held its 1995 Fall Symposia Series on 10 to 12 November in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This article contains summaries of the eight symposia that were conducted: (1) Active Learning; (2) Adaptation of Knowledge for Reuse; (3) AI Applications in Knowledge Navigation and Retrieval; (4) Computational Models for Integrating Language and Vision; (5) Embodied Language and Action Symposium; (6) Formalizing Context; (7) Genetic Programming; and (8) Rational Agency: Concepts, Theories, Models, and Applications.
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Cohn, D., Lewis, D., Aha, D. W., Burke, R., Srihari, R. K., Horswill, I., Buvac, S., Siegel, E. V., & Fehling, M. (1996). The 1995 Fall Symposia Series. AI Magazine, 17(1), 83.
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