Citation-Based Journal Rankings for AI Research A Business Perspective

  • Chun Hung Cheng
  • Clyde W. Holsapple
  • Anita Lee


A significant and growing area of business-computing research is concerned with AI. Knowledge about which journals are the most influential forums for disseminating AI research is important for business school faculty, students, administrators, and librarians. To date, there has been only one study attempting to rank AI journals from a business-computing perspective. It used a subjective methodology, surveying opinions of business faculty about a prespecified list of 30 journals. Here, we report the results of a more objective study. We conducted a citation analysis covering a time period of 5 years to compile 15,600 citations to 1,244 different journals. Based on these data, the journals are ranked in two ways involving the magnitude and the duration of scientific impact each has had in the field of AI.
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Cheng, C. H., Holsapple, C. W., & Lee, A. (1996). Citation-Based Journal Rankings for AI Research A Business Perspective. AI Magazine, 17(2), 87.