The 1996 AAAI Spring Symposia Reports

  • Yolanda Gil
  • Sandip Sen
  • Isaac Kohane
  • Patrick Olivier
  • Keiichi Nakata
  • Barbara Di Eugenio
  • Nancy Green
  • Thomas Dean
  • Marti Hearst
  • Illah R. Nourbakhsh


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence held its 1996 Spring Symposia Series on March 27 to 29 at Stanford University. This article contains summaries of the eight symposia that were conducted: (1) Acquisition, Learning, and Demonstration: Automating Tasks for Users; (2) Adaptation, Coevolution, and Learning in Multiagent Systems; (3) Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Applications of Current Technologies; (4) Cognitive and Computational Models of Spatial Representation; (5) Computational Implicature: Computational Approaches to Interpreting and Generating Conversational Implicature; (6) Computational Issues in Learning Models of Dynamic Systems; (7) Machine Learning in Information Access; and (8) Planning with Incomplete Information for Robot Problems.
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Gil, Y., Sen, S., Kohane, I., Olivier, P., Nakata, K., Di Eugenio, B., Green, N., Dean, T., Hearst, M., & Nourbakhsh, I. R. (1996). The 1996 AAAI Spring Symposia Reports. AI Magazine, 17(2), 109.
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