Intelligent Retail Logistics Scheduling

  • John Rowe
  • Keith Jewers
  • Joe Sivayogan
  • Andrew Codd
  • Andrew Alcock


The supply-chain integrated ordering network (SCION) depot-bookings system automates the planning and scheduling of perishable and nonperishable commodities and the vehicles that carry them into J. Sainsbury depots. This initiative is strategic, enabling the business to make the key move from weekly to daily ordering. The system is mission critical, managing the inward flow of commodities from suppliers into J. Sainsbury's depots. The system leverages AI techniques to provide a business solution that meets challenging functional and performance needs. The SCION depot-bookings system is operational, providing schedules for 22 depots across the United Kingdom.
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Rowe, J., Jewers, K., Sivayogan, J., Codd, A., & Alcock, A. (1996). Intelligent Retail Logistics Scheduling. AI Magazine, 17(4), 31.