The 1996 Fall Symposium Series

  • AAAI
  • Boi Faltings
  • Eugene C. Freuder
  • Holly Yanco
  • Maja J. Mataric
  • Eric Horvitz
  • Shlomo Zilberstein
  • Lucja Iwanska
  • Simon Kasif
  • Louise Pryor


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) held its 1996 Fall Symposia Series on 9 to 11 November in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This article contains summaries of the seven symposia that were conducted: (1) Configuration; (2) Developing Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities; (3) Embodied Cognition and Action; (4) Flexible Computation: Results, Issues, and Opportunities; (5) Knowledge Representation Systems Based on Natural Language; (6) Learning Complex Behaviors in Adaptive Intelligent Systems; and (7) Plan Execution: Problems and Issues.
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AAAI, Faltings, B., Freuder, E. C., Yanco, H., Mataric, M. J., Horvitz, E., Zilberstein, S., Iwanska, L., Kasif, S., & Pryor, L. (1997). The 1996 Fall Symposium Series. AI Magazine, 18(1), 125.
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