Learning Probabilistic User Profiles: Applications for Finding Interesting Web Sites, Notifying Users of Relevant Changes to Web Pages, and Locating Grant Opportunities

  • Mark Ackerman
  • Daniel Billsus
  • Scott Gaffney
  • Gordon Khoo
  • Seth Hettich
  • Dong Joon Kim
  • Ray Klefstad
  • Charles Lowe
  • Alexius Ludeman
  • Jack Muramatsu
  • Kazuo Omori
  • Michael J. Pazzani
  • Douglas Semler
  • Brian Starr
  • Paul Yap


This article describes three agents that help a user locate useful or interesting information on the World Wide Web. The agents learn a probabilistic profile to find, classify, or rank other sources of information that are likely to interest the user.