An Intelligent System for Case Review and Risk Assessment in Social Services

  • James R. Nolan


This article reports on the development and implementation of DISXPERT, an intelligent rule-based system tool for referral of social security disability recipients to vocational rehabilitation services. The growing use of paraprofessionals as caseworkers responsible for assessment in the social services area provides fertile domain areas for new and innovative application of intelligent system technology. The main function of DISXPERT is to provide support to paraprofessional caseworkers in reaching unbiased and consistent assessment decisions regarding referral of clients to vocational rehabilitation services. The results after four years of use demonstrate that paraprofessionals using DISXPERT can make assessments in less time and with a level of accuracy superior to the vocational rehabilitation domain professionals using manual methods. This article discusses the problem domain, the design and development of the system, uses of AI technology, payoffs, and deployment and maintenance of the system.