TRACKIES: RoboCup-97 Middle-Size League World Cochampion

  • Minoru Asada
  • Sho'ji Suzuki
  • Yasutake Takahashi
  • Eiji Uchibe
  • Masateru Nakamura
  • Chizuko Mishima
  • Hiroshi Ishizuka
  • Tatsunori Kato


This article describes a milestone in our research efforts toward the real robot competition in RoboCup. We participated in the middle-size league at RoboCup-97, held in conjunction with the Fifteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Nagoya, Japan. The most significant features of our team, TRACKIES, are the application of a reinforcement learning method enhanced for real robot applications and the use of an omnidirectional vision system for our goalie that can capture a 360-degree view at any instant in time. The method and the system used are shown with competition results.