The DARPA High-Performance Knowledge Bases Project

  • Paul R. Cohen
  • Robert Schrag
  • Eric Jones
  • Adam Pease
  • Albert Lin
  • Barbara Starr
  • David Gunning
  • Murray Burke


Now completing its first year, the High-Performance Knowledge Bases Project promotes technology for developing very large, flexible, and reusable knowledge bases. The project is supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and includes more than 15 contractors in universities, research laboratories, and companies. The evaluation of the constituent technologies centers on two challenge problems, in crisis management and battlespace reasoning, each demanding powerful problem solving with very large knowledge bases. This article discusses the challenge problems, the constituent technologies, and their integration and evaluation.
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Cohen, P. R., Schrag, R., Jones, E., Pease, A., Lin, A., Starr, B., Gunning, D., & Burke, M. (1998). The DARPA High-Performance Knowledge Bases Project. AI Magazine, 19(4), 25.