Building of a Corporate Memory for Traffic-Accident Analysis

  • Rose Dieng
  • Alain Giboin
  • Christelle Amerge
  • Olivier Corby
  • Sylvie Despres
  • Laurence Alpay
  • Sofiane Labidi
  • Stephane Lapalut


This article presents an experiment of expertise capitalization in road traffic-accident analysis. We study the integration of models of expertise from different members of an organization into a coherent corporate expertise model. We present our elicitation protocol and the generic models and tools we exploited for knowledge modeling in this context of multiple experts. We compare the knowledge models obtained for seven experts in accidentology and their representation through conceptual graphs. Finally, we discuss the results of our experiment from a knowledge capitalization viewpoint.
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Dieng, R., Giboin, A., Amerge, C., Corby, O., Despres, S., Alpay, L., Labidi, S., & Lapalut, S. (1998). Building of a Corporate Memory for Traffic-Accident Analysis. AI Magazine, 19(4), 81.