The AAAI Spring Symposia

  • Nancy Green
  • Jennifer Chu-Carroll
  • David Kortenkamp
  • Alan Schultz
  • Michael H. Coen
  • Dragomir R. Radev
  • Eduard Hovy
  • Peter Haddawy
  • Steve Hanks
  • Eugene Freuder
  • Charlie Ortiz
  • Sandip Sen


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University's Department of Computer Science, held the 1998 Spring Symposium Series on 23 to 25 March at Stanford University. The topics of the eight symposia were (1) Applying Machine Learning to Discourse Processing, (2) Integrating Robotic Research: Taking the Next Leap, (3) Intelligent Environments, (4) Intelligent Text Summarization, (5) Interactive and Mixed-Initiative Decision-Theoretic Systems, (6) Multimodal Reasoning, (7) Prospects for a Common-Sense Theory of Causation, and (8) Satisficing Models.
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Green, N., Chu-Carroll, J., Kortenkamp, D., Schultz, A., Coen, M. H., Radev, D. R., Hovy, E., Haddawy, P., Hanks, S., Freuder, E., Ortiz, C., & Sen, S. (1999). The AAAI Spring Symposia. AI Magazine, 20(3), 83.
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