The CS Freiburg Team: Playing Robotic Soccer Based on an Explicit World Model

  • Jens-Steffen Gutmann
  • Wolfgang Hatzack
  • Immanuel Herrmann
  • Bernhard Nebel
  • Frank Rittinger
  • Augustinus Topor
  • Thilo Weigel


Robotic soccer is an ideal task to demonstrate new techniques and explore new problems. Moreover, problems and solutions can easily be communicated because soccer is a well-known game. Our intention in building a robotic soccer team and participating in RoboCup-98 was, first, to demonstrate the usefulness of the self-localization methods we have developed. Second, we wanted to show that playing soccer based on an explicit world model is much more effective than other methods. Third, we intended to explore the problem of building and maintaining a global team world model. As has been demonstrated by the performance of our team, we were successful with the first two points. Moreover, robotic soccer gave us the opportunity to study problems in distributed, cooperative sensing.