AAAI-98 Robot Exhibition

  • Karen Zita Haigh
  • Tucker Balch


The robot exhibition had a very successful 1998. At the conference, we had 11 robot demonstrations (including three multirobot demos), 5 oral presentations, and an additional 5 video or poster submissions. The exhibition also included a published video proceedings for the first time. One of the most interesting features of the exhibition was the variety of capabilities shown. From a mechanical point of view, indoor wheeled robots were, as usual, the most common form of robot, but the exhibit also featured several outdoor wheeled robots, several legged robots, two humanoids, a snake, and a plant. From a software perspective, the exhibit featured general-purpose robot-control software, vision, teleoperation, language learning, teamwork and expression of emotion. A significant number of entries addressed the important, emerging research area of robot-human interaction, both for entertainment purposes and ease of use.
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Haigh, K. Z., & Balch, T. (2000). AAAI-98 Robot Exhibition. AI Magazine, 21(1), 67.