The AIPS-98 Planning Competition

  • Derek Long
  • Henry Kautz
  • Bart Selman
  • Blai Bonet
  • Hector Geffner
  • Jana Koehler
  • Michael Brenner
  • Joerg Hoffmann
  • Frank Rittinger
  • Corin R. Anderson
  • Daniel S. Weld
  • David E. Smith
  • Maria Fox
  • Derek Long


In 1998, the international planning community was invited to take part in the first planning competition, hosted by the Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems Conference, to provide a new impetus for empirical evaluation and direct comparison of automatic domain-independent planning systems. This article describes the systems that competed in the event, examines the results, and considers some of the implications for the future of the field.
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Long, D., Kautz, H., Selman, B., Bonet, B., Geffner, H., Koehler, J., Brenner, M., Hoffmann, J., Rittinger, F., Anderson, C. R., Weld, D. S., Smith, D. E., Fox, M., & Long, D. (2000). The AIPS-98 Planning Competition. AI Magazine, 21(2), 13.