Reports on the AAAI Fall Symposia (November 1999 and November 1998)

  • Fawzi Daud
  • Michael Mateas
  • Phoebe Sengers
  • Susan Brennan
  • Alain Giboin
  • David Traum
  • Vinay Chaudri
  • Richard E. Fikes
  • Donia Scott
  • Richard Power
  • David Jensen


The 1999 Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Fall Symposium Series was held Friday through Sunday, 5-7 November 1999, at the Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort and Conference Center. The titles of the five symposia were (1) Modal and Temporal Logics-Based Planning for Open Networked Multimedia Systems; (2) Narrative Intelligence; (3) Psychological Models of Communication in Collaborative Systems; (4) Question-Answering Systems; and (5) Using Layout for the Generation, Understanding, or Retrieval of Documents.
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Daud, F., Mateas, M., Sengers, P., Brennan, S., Giboin, A., Traum, D., Chaudri, V., Fikes, R. E., Scott, D., Power, R., & Jensen, D. (2000). Reports on the AAAI Fall Symposia (November 1999 and November 1998). AI Magazine, 21(2), 85.
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