The Road Ahead for Knowledge Management: An AI Perspective

  • Reid G. Smith
  • Adam Farquhar


Enabling organizations to capture, share, and apply the collective experience and know-how of their people is seen as fundamental to competing in the knowledge economy. As a result, there has been a wave of enthusiasm and activity centered on knowledge management. To make progress in this area, issues of technology, process, people, and content must be addressed. In this article, we develop a road map for knowledge management. It begins with an assessment of the current state of the practice, using examples drawn from our experience at Schlumberger. It then sketches the possible evolution of technology and practice over a 10-year period. Along the way, we highlight ways in which AI technology, present and future, can be applied in knowledge management systems.
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Smith, R. G., & Farquhar, A. (2000). The Road Ahead for Knowledge Management: An AI Perspective. AI Magazine, 21(4), 17.