AIPS 2000 Planning Competition: The Fifth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling Systems

  • Fahiem Bacchus


The planning competition has become a regular part of the biennial Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling (AIPS) conferences. AIPS'98 featured the very first competition, and for AIPS'00, we built on this foundation to run the second competition. The 2000 competition featured a much larger group of participants and a wide variety of different approaches to planning. Some of these approaches were refinements of known techniques, and others were quite different from anything that had been tried before. Besides the dramatic increase in participation, the 2000 competition demonstrated that planning technology has taken a giant leap forward in performance since 1998. The 2000 competition featured planning systems that were orders of magnitude faster than the planners of just two years prior. This article presents an overview of the competition and reviews the main results.