AltAlt: Combining Graphplan and Heuristic State Search

  • Biplav Srivastava
  • XuanLong Nguyen
  • Subbarao Kambhampati
  • Minh B. Do
  • Ullas Nambiar
  • Zaiqing Nie
  • Romeo Nigenda
  • Terry Zimmerman


We briefly describe the implementation and evaluation of a novel plan synthesis system, called AltAlt. AltAlt is designed to exploit the complementary strengths of two of the currently popular competing approaches for plan generation: (1) graphplan and (2) heuristic state search. It uses the planning graph to derive effective heuristics that are then used to guide heuristic state search. The heuristics derived from the planning graph do a better job of taking the subgoal interactions into account and, as such, are significantly more effective than existing heuristics. AltAlt was implemented on top of two state-of-the-art planning systems: (1) stan3.0, a graphplan-style planner, and (2) hsp-r, a heuristic search planner.
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Srivastava, B., Nguyen, X., Kambhampati, S., Do, M. B., Nambiar, U., Nie, Z., Nigenda, R., & Zimmerman, T. (2001). AltAlt: Combining Graphplan and Heuristic State Search. AI Magazine, 22(3), 88.