AAAI 2000 Fall Symposium Series Reports

  • Carolyn Penstein Rose
  • Reva Freedman
  • Mathias Bauer
  • Charles Rich
  • Ian Horswill
  • Alan Schultz
  • Michael Freed
  • Alonso Vera
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence presented the 2000 Fall Symposium Series was held on Friday through Sunday, 3 to 5 November, at the Sea Crest Oceanfront Conference Center. The titles of the five symposia were (1) Building Dialogue Systems for Tutorial Applications, (2) Learning How to Do Things, (3) Parallel Cognition for Embodied Agents, (4) Simulating Human Agents, and (5) Socially Intelligent Agents: The Human in the Loop.
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Rose, C. P., Freedman, R., Bauer, M., Rich, C., Horswill, I., Schultz, A., Freed, M., Vera, A., & Dautenhahn, K. (2001). AAAI 2000 Fall Symposium Series Reports. AI Magazine, 22(3), 112.
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