Case-Based Reasoning Integrations

  • Cynthia Marling
  • Mohammed Sqalli
  • Edwina Rissland
  • Hector Munoz-Avila
  • David Aha


This article presents an overview and survey of current work in case-based reasoning (CBR) integrations. There has been a recent upsurge in the integration of CBR with other reasoning modalities and computing paradigms, especially rule-based reasoning (RBR) and constraint-satisfaction problem (CSP) solving. CBR integrations with modelbased reasoning (MBR), genetic algorithms, and information retrieval are also discussed. This article characterizes the types of multimodal reasoning integrations where CBR can play a role, identifies the types of roles that CBR components can fulfill, and provides examples of integrated CBR systems. Past progress, current trends, and issues for future research are discussed.
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Marling, C., Sqalli, M., Rissland, E., Munoz-Avila, H., & Aha, D. (2002). Case-Based Reasoning Integrations. AI Magazine, 23(1), 69.