The RADARSAT-MAMM Automated Mission Planner

  • Benjamin D. Smith
  • Barbara E. Engelhardt
  • Darren H. Mutz


The Modified Antarctic Mapping Mission MAMM) was conducted from September to November 2000 onboard RADARSAT. The mission plan consisted of more than 2400 synthetic aperture radar data acquisitions of Antarctica that achieved the scientific objectives and obeyed RADARSAT's resource and operational constraints. Mission planning is a time- and knowledge-intensive effort. It required over a workyear to manually develop a comparable plan for AMM-1, the precursor mission to MAMM. This article describes the design and use of the automated mission planning system for MAMM, which dramatically reduced mission-planning costs to just a few workweeks and enabled rapid generation of what-if scenarios for evaluating alternative mission designs.
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Smith, B. D., Engelhardt, B. E., & Mutz, D. H. (2002). The RADARSAT-MAMM Automated Mission Planner. AI Magazine, 23(2), 25.