TALPS: The T-AVB Automated Load-Planning System

  • Paul S. Cerkez


Because of military drawdowns and the need for additional transportation lift requirements, the United States Marine Corps developed a concept that enabled it to modify a commercial container ship to support deployed aviation units. However, a problem soon emerged in that there were too few people who were expert enough to do the unique type of planning required for this ship. Additionally, once someone did develop some expertise, it was time for him/her to move on, retire, or leave active duty. There needed to be a way to capture this knowledge. This condition was the impetus for the T-AVB AUTOMATED LOAD-PLANNING SYSTEM (TALPS) effort. TALPS is now a fielded, certified application for Marine Corps aviation.
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Cerkez, P. S. (2002). TALPS: The T-AVB Automated Load-Planning System. AI Magazine, 23(2), 77. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v23i2.1642