An AI-Based Approach to Destination Control in Elevators

  • Jana Koehler
  • Daniel Ottiger


Not widely known by the AI community, elevator control has become a major field of application for AI technologies. Techniques such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy rules and, recently, multiagent systems and AI planning have been adopted by leading elevator companies not only to improve the transportation capacity of conventional elevator systems but also to revolutionize the way in which elevators interact with and serve passengers. In this article, we begin with an overview of AI techniques adopted by this industry and explain the motivations behind the continuous interest in AI. We review and summarize publications that are not easily accessible from the common AI sources. In the second part, we present in more detail a recent development project to apply AI planning and multiagent systems to elevator control problems.
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Koehler, J., & Ottiger, D. (2002). An AI-Based Approach to Destination Control in Elevators. AI Magazine, 23(3), 59.