MiTAP for Biosecurity: A Case Study

  • Laurie Damianos
  • Jay Ponte
  • Steve Wohlever
  • Florence Reeder
  • David Day
  • George Wilson
  • Lynette Hirschman


MITAP (MITRE text and audio processing) is a prototype system available for monitoring infectious disease outbreaks and other global events. MITAP focuses on providing timely, multilingual, global information access to medical experts and individuals involved in humanitarian assistance and relief work. Multiple information sources in multiple languages are automatically captured, filtered, translated, summarized, and categorized by disease, region, information source, person, and organization. Critical information is automatically extracted and tagged to facilitate browsing, searching, and sorting. The system supports shared situational awareness through collaboration, allowing users to submit other articles for processing, annotate existing documents, post directly to the system, and flag messages for others to see. MITAP currently stores over 1 million articles and processes an additional 2,000 to 10,000 daily, delivering up-to-date information to dozens of regular users.
How to Cite
Damianos, L., Ponte, J., Wohlever, S., Reeder, F., Day, D., Wilson, G., & Hirschman, L. (2002). MiTAP for Biosecurity: A Case Study. AI Magazine, 23(4), 13.