Staff Scheduling for Inbound Call and Customer Contact Centers

  • Alex Fukunaga
  • Ed Hamilton
  • Jason Fama
  • David Andre
  • Ofer Matan
  • Illah Nourbakhsh


The staff scheduling problem is a critical problem in the call center (or, more generally, customer contact center) industry. This article describes DIRECTOR, a staff scheduling system for contact centers. DIRECTOR is a constraint-based system that uses AI search techniques to generate schedules that satisfy and optimize a wide range of constraints and service-quality metrics. DIRECTOR has successfully been deployed at more than 800 contact centers, with significant measurable benefits, some of which are documented in case studies included in this article.
How to Cite
Fukunaga, A., Hamilton, E., Fama, J., Andre, D., Matan, O., & Nourbakhsh, I. (2002). Staff Scheduling for Inbound Call and Customer Contact Centers. AI Magazine, 23(4), 30.