Information Self-Service with a Knowledge Base That Learns

  • Stephen D. Durbin
  • Doug Warner
  • J. Neal Richter
  • Zuzana Gedeon


Delivering effective customer service over the internet requires attention to many aspects of knowledge management if it is to be both satisfying for customers and economical for the company or other organization. In RightNow ESERVICE CENTER, such management is built into the architecture and supported by automatically gathering metainformation about the documents held in the core knowledge base. A variety of AI techniques are used to facilitate the construction, maintenance, and navigation of the knowledge base. These techniques include collaborative filtering, swarm intelligence, fuzzy logic, natural language processing, text clustering, and classification rule learning. Customers using ESERVICE CENTER report dramatic decreases in support costs and increases in customer satisfaction because of the ease of use provided by the self-learning features of the knowledge base.
How to Cite
Durbin, S. D., Warner, D., Richter, J. N., & Gedeon, Z. (2002). Information Self-Service with a Knowledge Base That Learns. AI Magazine, 23(4), 41.