In Memoriam: Charles Rosen, Norman Nielsen, and Saul Amarel

  • Peter E. Hart
  • Nils J. Nilsson
  • Ray Perrault
  • Tom Mitchell
  • Casimir A. Kulikowski
  • David B. Leake


In the span of a few months, the AI community lost four important figures. The fall of 2002 marked the passing of Ray Reiter, for whom a memorial article by Jack Minker appears in this issue. As the issue was going to press, AI lost Saul Amarel, Norm Nielsen, and Charles Rosen. This section of AI Magazine commemorates these friends, leaders, and AI pioneers. We thank Tom Mitchell and Casimir Kulikowski for their memorial to Saul Amarel, Ray Perrault for his remembrance of Norm Nielsen, and Peter Hart and Nils Nilsson for their tribute to Charles Rosen. The AI community mourns our lost colleagues and gratefully remembers their contributions, which meant so much to so many and to the advancement of artificial intelligence as a whole.
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Hart, P. E., Nilsson, N. J., Perrault, R., Mitchell, T., Kulikowski, C. A., & Leake, D. B. (2003). In Memoriam: Charles Rosen, Norman Nielsen, and Saul Amarel. AI Magazine, 24(1), 6.