GRACE: An Autonomous Robot for the AAAI Robot Challenge

  • Reid Simmons
  • Dani Goldberg
  • Adam Goode
  • Michael Montemerlo
  • Nicholas Roy
  • Brennan Sellner
  • Chris Urmson
  • Alan Schultz
  • Myriam Abramson
  • William Adams
  • Amin Atrash
  • Magda Bugajska
  • Michael Coblenz
  • Matt MacMahon
  • Dennis Perzanowski
  • Ian Horswill
  • Robert Zubek
  • David Kortenkamp
  • Bryn Wolfe
  • Tod Milam
  • Bruce Maxwell


In an attempt to solve as much of the AAAI Robot Challenge as possible, five research institutions representing academia, industry, and government integrated their research into a single robot named GRACE. This article describes this first-year effort by the GRACE team, including not only the various techniques each participant brought to GRACE but also the difficult integration effort itself.
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Simmons, R., Goldberg, D., Goode, A., Montemerlo, M., Roy, N., Sellner, B., Urmson, C., Schultz, A., Abramson, M., Adams, W., Atrash, A., Bugajska, M., Coblenz, M., MacMahon, M., Perzanowski, D., Horswill, I., Zubek, R., Kortenkamp, D., Wolfe, B., Milam, T., & Maxwell, B. (2003). GRACE: An Autonomous Robot for the AAAI Robot Challenge. AI Magazine, 24(2), 51.