RoboCup-2003: New Scientific and Technical Advances

  • Enrico Pagello
  • Emanuele Menegatti
  • Ansgar Bredenfel
  • Paulo Costa
  • Thomas Christaller
  • Adam Jacoff
  • Daniel Polani
  • Martin Riedmiller
  • Alessandro Saffiotti
  • Elizabeth Sklar
  • Takashi Tomoichi


This article reports on the RoboCup-2003 event. RoboCup is no longer just the Soccer World Cup for autonomous robots but has evolved to become a coordinated initiative encompassing four different robotics events: (1) Soccer, (2) Rescue, (3) Junior (focused on education), and (4) a Scientific Symposium. RoboCup-2003 took place from 2 to 11 July 2003 in Padua (Italy); it was colocated with other scientific events in the field of AI and robotics. In this article, in addition to reporting on the results of the games, we highlight the robotics and AI technologies exploited by the teams in the different leagues and describe the most meaningful scientific contributions.
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Pagello, E., Menegatti, E., Bredenfel, A., Costa, P., Christaller, T., Jacoff, A., Polani, D., Riedmiller, M., Saffiotti, A., Sklar, E., & Tomoichi, T. (2004). RoboCup-2003: New Scientific and Technical Advances. AI Magazine, 25(2), 81.