Reports on the 2005 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

  • Michael L. Anderson
  • Thomas Barkowsky
  • Pauline Berry
  • Douglas Blank
  • Timothy Chklovski
  • Pedro Domingos
  • Marek J. Druzdzel
  • Christian Freksa
  • John Gersh
  • Mary Hegarty
  • Tze-Yun Leong
  • Henry Lieberman
  • Ric Lowe
  • Susann Luperfoy
  • Rada Mihalcea
  • Lisa Meeden
  • David P. Miller
  • Tim Oates
  • Robert Popp
  • Daniel Shapiro
  • Nathan Schurr
  • Push Singh
  • John Yen


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence presented its 2005 Spring Symposium Series on Monday through Wednesday, March 21-23, 2005 at Stanford University in Stanford, California. The topics of the eight symposia in this symposium series were (1) AI Technologies for Homeland Security; (2) Challenges to Decision Support in a Changing World; (3) Developmental Robotics; (4) Dialogical Robots: Verbal Interaction with Embodied Agents and Situated Devices; (5) Knowledge Collection from Volunteer Contributors; (6) Metacognition in Computation; (7) Persistent Assistants: Living and Working with AI; and (8) Reasoning with Mental and External Diagrams: Computational Modeling and Spatial Assistance.
Workshop Reports