The General-Motors Variation-Reduction Adviser

  • Alexander P. Morgan
  • John A. Cafeo
  • Kurt Godden
  • Ronald M. Lesperance
  • Andrea M. Simon
  • Deborah L. McGuinness
  • James L. Benedict


TheGeneral Motors Variation-Reduction Adviser is a knowledge system built on case-based reasoning principles that is currently in use in eighteen General Motors asssembly centers. This article reviews the overall characteristics of the system and then focuses on various AI elements critical to support its deployment to a production system. A key AI enabler is ontology-guided search using domainspecific ontologies.
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Morgan, A. P., Cafeo, J. A., Godden, K., Lesperance, R. M., Simon, A. M., McGuinness, D. L., & Benedict, J. L. (2005). The General-Motors Variation-Reduction Adviser. AI Magazine, 26(3), 19.