AAAI 2006 Spring Symposium Reports

  • Andreas Abecker
  • Rachid Alami
  • Chitta Baral
  • Tim Bickmore
  • Ed Durfee
  • Terry Fong
  • Mehmet H. Goker
  • Nancy Green
  • Mark Liberman
  • Christian Lebiere
  • James H. Martin
  • Gregoris Mentzas
  • Dave Musliner
  • Nicolas Nicolov
  • Illah Nourbakhsh
  • Franco Salvetti
  • Daniel Shapiro
  • Debbie Schrekenghost
  • Amit Sheth
  • Ljiljana Stojanovic
  • Vytas SunSpiral
  • Robert Wray


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University's Computer Science Department, was pleased to present its 2006 Spring Symposium Series held March 27-29, 2006, at Stanford University, California. The titles of the eight symposia were (1) Argumentation for Consumers of Health Care (chaired by Nancy Green); (2) Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Cognitive Science Principles Meet AI Hard Problems (chaired by Christian Lebiere); (3) Computational Approaches to Analyzing Weblogs (chaired by Nicolas Nicolov); (4) Distributed Plan and Schedule Management (chaired by Ed Durfee); (5) Formalizing and Compiling Background Knowledge and Its Applications to Knowledge Representation and Question Answering (chaired by Chitta Baral); (6) Semantic Web Meets e-Government (chaired by Ljiljana Stojanovic); (7) To Boldly Go Where No Human-Robot Team Has Gone Before (chaired by Terry Fong); and (8) What Went Wrong and Why: Lessons from AI Research and Applications (chaired by Dan Shapiro).
Workshop Reports