Reports on the Twenty-First National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-06) Workshop Program

  • Wolfgang Achtner
  • Esma Aimeur
  • Sarabjot Singh Anand
  • Doug Appelt
  • Naveen Ashish
  • Tiffany Barnes
  • Joseph E. Beck
  • M. Bernardine Dias
  • Prashant Doshi
  • Chris Drummond
  • William Elazmeh
  • Ariel Felner
  • Dayne Freitag
  • Hector Geffner
  • Christopher W. Geib
  • Richard Goodwin
  • Robert C. Holte
  • Frank Hutter
  • Fair Isaac
  • Nathalie Japkowicz
  • Gal A. Kaminka
  • Sven Koenig
  • Michail G. Lagoudakis
  • David B. Leake
  • Lundy Lewis
  • Hugo Liu
  • Ted Metzler
  • Rada Mihalcea
  • Bamshad Mobasher
  • Pascal Poupart
  • David V. Pynadath
  • Thomas Roth-Berghofer
  • Wheeler Ruml
  • Stefan Schulz
  • Sven Schwarz
  • Stephanie Seneff
  • Amit Sheth
  • Ron Sun
  • Michael Thielscher
  • Afzal Upal
  • Jason Williams
  • Steve Young
  • Dmitry Zelenko


The Workshop program of the Twenty-First Conference on Artificial Intelligence was held July 16-17, 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts. The program was chaired by Joyce Chai and Keith Decker. The titles of the 17 workshops were AIDriven Technologies for Service-Oriented Computing; Auction Mechanisms for Robot Coordination; Cognitive Modeling and Agent-Based Social Simulations, Cognitive Robotics; Computational Aesthetics: Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Beauty and Happiness; Educational Data Mining; Evaluation Methods for Machine Learning; Event Extraction and Synthesis; Heuristic Search, Memory- Based Heuristics, and Their Applications; Human Implications of Human-Robot Interaction; Intelligent Techniques in Web Personalization; Learning for Search; Modeling and Retrieval of Context; Modeling Others from Observations; and Statistical and Empirical Approaches for Spoken Dialogue Systems.
Workshop Reports