An AI Framework for the Automatic Assessment of e-Government Forms

  • Andy Hon Wai Chun City University of Hong Kong


This article describes the architecture and AI technology behind an XML-based AI framework designed to streamline e-government form processing. The framework performs several crucial assessment and decision support functions, including workflow case assignment, automatic assessment, follow-up action generation, precedent case retrieval, and learning of current practices. To implement these services, several AI techniques were used, including rule-based processing, schema-based reasoning, AI clustering, case-based reasoning, data mining, and machine learning. The primary objective of using AI for e-government form processing is of course to provide faster and higher quality service as well as ensure that all forms are processed fairly and accurately. With AI, all relevant laws and regulations as well as current practices are guaranteed to be considered and followed. An AI framework has been used to implement an AI module for one of the busiest immigration agencies in the world.

Author Biography

Andy Hon Wai Chun, City University of Hong Kong
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
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Chun, A. H. W. (2008). An AI Framework for the Automatic Assessment of e-Government Forms. AI Magazine, 29(1), 52.