The AAAI Video Archive

  • Bruce G. Buchanan University of Pittsburgh
  • Reid G. Smith Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Jon Glick AAAI


The AAAI video archive is a central source of information about videotapes and films with information about AI that are stored digitally on other sites or physically in institutional archives. For each video, the archive includes a brief description of the contents and personae, one or more representative short clips for classroom or individual use, and the location of the archival copy (for example, at a university library).

Author Biographies

Bruce G. Buchanan, University of Pittsburgh
Departments of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Medicine Professor Emeritus
Reid G. Smith, Marathon Oil Corporation
Enterprise Content Management Director
Jon Glick, AAAI
Webmaster and Columnist
How to Cite
Buchanan, B. G., Smith, R. G., & Glick, J. (2008). The AAAI Video Archive. AI Magazine, 29(1), 91.
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