AAAI Fall Symposium Reports

  • Jerry Ball Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Chris Arney Army Research Office
  • Samuel G. Collins Towson University
  • Mitchell Marcus University of Pennsylvania
  • Sergei Nirenburg University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Antonio Chella University of Palermo
  • Kai Goebel NASA Ames Research Center
  • Jason H. Li Intelligent Automation, Inc.
  • Margaret Lyell Intelligent Automation, Inc.
  • Brian Magerko Michigan State University
  • Riccardo Manzotti IULM University
  • Clayton T. Morrison University of Southern California
  • Tim Oates University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Mark Riedl University of Southern California
  • Goran P. Trajkovski South University
  • Walt Truszkowski NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Serdar Uckun NASA Ames Research Center


The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence presented the 2007 Fall Symposium Series on Friday through Sunday, November 9–11, at the Westin Arlington Gateway, Arlington, Virginia. The titles of the seven symposia were (1) AI and Consciousness: Theoretical Foundations and Current Approaches, (2) Artificial Intelligence for Prognostics, (3) Cognitive Approaches to Natural Language Processing, (4) Computational Approaches to Representation Change during Learning and Development, (5) Emergent Agents and Socialities: Social and Organizational Aspects of Intelligence, (6) Intelligent Narrative Technologies, and (7) Regarding the “Intelligence” in Distributed Intelligent Systems.

Author Biographies

Samuel G. Collins, Towson University
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Associate Professor
Mitchell Marcus, University of Pennsylvania
Department of Computer and Information Science RCA Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Sergei Nirenburg, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Professor
Antonio Chella, University of Palermo
Department of Computer Engineering
Riccardo Manzotti, IULM University
Department of Psychology
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