Applying Software Engineering to Agent Development

  • Mark A. Cohen Lock Haven University
  • Frank E. Ritter
  • Steven R Haynes
Keywords: Cognitive Modeling, Intelligent Agents, Problem Space Computation Model, Soar, Jess, High-level Languages, Software Engineering


Developing intelligent agents and cognitive models is a complex software engineering activity. This article shows how all intelligent agent creation tools can be improved by taking advantage of established software engineering principles such as high-level languages, maintenance-oriented development environments, and software reuse. We describe how these principles have been realized in the Herbal integrated development environment, a collection of tools that allows agent developers to exploit modern software engineering principles.

Author Biographies

Mark A. Cohen, Lock Haven University
Assistant Professor
Business Administration, Computer Science, and Information Technology Department
Frank E. Ritter
Founding Faculty Member
College of IST
Steven R Haynes
Assistant Professor
College of IST