Five Challenges for Intelligent Text Entry Methods

  • Per Ola Kristensson University of Cambridge
Keywords: text entry, mobile text entry, mobile user interfaces, intelligent text entry, pattern recognition


For text entry methods to be useful they have to deliver high entry rates and low error rates. At the same time they need to be easy-to-learn and provide effective means of correcting mistakes. Intelligent text entry methods combine AI techniques with HCI theory to enable users to enter text as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. Here I sample a selection of such techniques from the research literature and set them into their historical context. I then highlight five challenges for text entry methods that aspire to make an impact in our society: localization, error correction, editor support, feedback, and context of use.

Author Biography

Per Ola Kristensson, University of Cambridge

Junior Research Fellow and cofounder of ShapeWriter, Inc.

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Kristensson, P. O. (2009). Five Challenges for Intelligent Text Entry Methods. AI Magazine, 30(4), 85.