Introduction to the Special Issue on “Usable AI”

  • Anthony David Jameson DFKI
  • Aaron Spaulding SRI International
  • Neil Yorke-Smith American University of Beirut
Keywords: usability, intelligent interactive systems


When creating algorithms or systems that are supposed to be used by people, we should be able to adopt a “binocular” view of users’ interaction with intelligent systems: a view that regards the design of interaction and the design of intelligent algorithms as interrelated parts of a single design problem. This special issue offers a coherent set of articles on two levels of generality that illustrate the binocular view and help readers to adopt it.

Author Biography

Anthony David Jameson, DFKI

Principal Researcher, Intelligent User Interfaces Department

Work on special issue done while visiting at FBK-irst, Trento, Italy

How to Cite
Jameson, A. D., Spaulding, A., & Yorke-Smith, N. (2009). Introduction to the Special Issue on “Usable AI”. AI Magazine, 30(4), 11.