The Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 09): A Report

  • Vic Callaghan University of Essex
  • Achilles Kameas Hellenic Open University
  • Dolors Royo Technical University of Catalonia
  • Angelica Reyes Technical University of Catalonia
  • Leandro Navarro Technical University of Catalonia


The development of intelligent environments is considered an important step towards the realization of the ambient intelligence vision. Intelligent environments are technologically augmented everyday spaces, which intuitively support human activity. The IE conferences traditionally provide a leading edge forum for researchers and engineers to present their latest research and to discuss future directions in the area of intelligent environments. This article briefly presents the content of the Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE09), which was held July 20–21 at the Castelldefels campus, of the Technical University of Catalonia, near Barcelona, Spain.
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