Exceptional Data Quality using Intelligent Matching and Retrieval

  • Clint R. Bidlack ActivePrime Inc.
  • Michael P Wellman University of Michigan
Keywords: Domain Knowledge, Search Space Reduction, Dat Quality, Data Cleansing, Intelligent Matching and Retrieval


Recent advances in enterprise web-based software have created a need for sophisticated yet user-friendly data quality solutions. A new category of data quality solutions are discussed that fill this need using intelligent matching and retrieval algorithms. Solutions are focused on customer and sales data and include real-time inexact search, batch processing, and data migration. Users are empowered to maintain higher quality data resulting in more efficient sales and marketing operations. Sales managers spend more time with customers and less time managing data.

Author Biographies

Clint R. Bidlack, ActivePrime Inc.

President, CTO and cofounder of ActivePrime.

Michael P Wellman, University of Michigan
Professor of Computer Science and EngineeringTechnical Adviser to ActivePrime.
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Bidlack, C. R., & Wellman, M. P. (2010). Exceptional Data Quality using Intelligent Matching and Retrieval. AI Magazine, 31(1), 65-73. https://doi.org/10.1609/aimag.v31i1.2280