AAAI Leadership Transition

  • Martha Pollack University of Michigan
  • Henry Kautz University of Rochester


AAAI’s leadership underwent a major change in March of this year. Martha Pollack, who had been serving as AAAI president since July 2009 resigned her position, and Henry Kautz, who had been serving as AAAI president-elect assumed the duties and responsibilities of the president. As stipu- lated in the AAAI bylaws, Kautz will serve in this capacity until the 2010 AAAI annual business meeting, after which he will begin his full two-year term as president, starting one year ahead of schedule. In addi- tion, Eric Horvitz, who has already served one year as AAAI past president, has agreed to serve one addi- tional year so that the position will remain filled throughout Kautz’s tenure as president. An election will be held this year for the now-open position of president elect.
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Pollack, M., & Kautz, H. (2010). AAAI Leadership Transition. AI Magazine, 31(2), 7.