Mapping the Landscape of Human-Level Artificial General Intelligence

  • Sam Adams IBM
  • Itmar Arel University of Tennessee
  • Joscha Bach Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Robert Coop University of Tennessee
  • Rod Furlan Quaternix Research, Inc.
  • Ben Goertzel
  • J. Storrs Hall Independent Researcher and Author
  • Alexei Samsonovich George Mason University
  • Matthias Scheutz Tufts University
  • Matthew Schlesinger Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • Stuart C. Shapiro University of Buffalo, State University of New York
  • John Sowa VivoMind Research, LLC
Keywords: general intelligence, human-level intelligence, evaluation


We present the broad outlines of a roadmap toward human-level artificial general intelligence (henceforth, AGI). We begin by discussing AGI in general, adopting a pragmatic goal for its attainment and a necessary foundation of characteristics and requirements. An initial capability landscape will be presented, drawing on major themes from developmental psychology and illuminated by mathematical, physiological and information processing perspectives. The challenge of identifying appropriate tasks and environments for measuring AGI will be addressed, and seven scenarios will be presented as milestones suggesting a roadmap across the AGI landscape along with directions for future research and collaboration.

Author Biographies

Itmar Arel, University of Tennessee
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Director, Machine Intelligence Laboratory
Joscha Bach, Humboldt University of Berlin
Research Fellow, Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Robert Coop, University of Tennessee
Doctoral Candidate
Rod Furlan, Quaternix Research, Inc.
Chief, Research and Development
Alexei Samsonovich, George Mason University
Research Assistan Professor, Krasnow Institute of Advanced Study
Matthias Scheutz, Tufts University
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, School of Engineering
Matthew Schlesinger, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Stuart C. Shapiro, University of Buffalo, State University of New York
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
How to Cite
Adams, S., Arel, I., Bach, J., Coop, R., Furlan, R., Goertzel, B., Hall, J. S., Samsonovich, A., Scheutz, M., Schlesinger, M., Shapiro, S. C., & Sowa, J. (2012). Mapping the Landscape of Human-Level Artificial General Intelligence. AI Magazine, 33(1), 25-42.