Knowledge Transfer between Automated Planners

  • Susana Fernandez Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Ricardo Aler Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Daniel Borrajo Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


In this article, we discuss the problem of transferring search heuristics from one planner to another. More specifically, we demonstrate how to transfer the domain-dependent heuristics acquired by one planner into a second planner. Our motivation is to improve the efficiency and the efficacy of the second planner by allowing it to use the transferred heuristics to capture domain regularities that it would not otherwise recognize. Our experimental results show that the transferred knowledge does improve the second planner's performance on novel tasks over a set of seven benchmark planning domains.
How to Cite
Fernandez, S., Aler, R., & Borrajo, D. (2011). Knowledge Transfer between Automated Planners. AI Magazine, 32(2), 79-94.