The International SAT Solver Competitions

  • Matti Järvisalo University of Helsinki
  • Daniel Le Berre University of Artois
  • Olivier Roussel University of Artois
  • Laurent Simon University of Paris-Sud


The International SAT Solver Competition is today an established series of competitive events aiming at objectively evaluating the progress in state-of-the-art procedures for solving Boolean satisfiability (SAT) instances. Over the years, the competitions have significantly contributed to the fast progress in SAT solver technology that has made SAT a practical success story of computer science. This short article provides an overview of the SAT solver competitions.

Author Biographies

Matti Järvisalo, University of Helsinki
Postdoctoral Fellow, Academy of Finland
Daniel Le Berre, University of Artois
Associate Professor
Olivier Roussel, University of Artois
Associate Professor, IUT of Lens
Laurent Simon, University of Paris-Sud
Associate Professor
How to Cite
Järvisalo, M., Le Berre, D., Roussel, O., & Simon, L. (2012). The International SAT Solver Competitions. AI Magazine, 33(1), 89-92.
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