NewsFinder: Automating an AI News Service

  • Joshua Eckroth The Ohio State University
  • Liang Dong Clemson University
  • Reid G. Smith Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Bruce G. Buchanan University of Pittsburgh


NewsFinder automates the steps involved in finding, selecting, categorizing, and publishing news stories that meet relevance criteria for the Artificial Intelligence community. The software combines a broad search of online news sources with topic-specific trained models and heuristics. Since August 2010, the program has been used to operate the AI in the News service that is part of the AAAI AITopics website.
How to Cite
Eckroth, J., Dong, L., Smith, R. G., & Buchanan, B. G. (2012). NewsFinder: Automating an AI News Service. AI Magazine, 33(2), 43.